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chad's videos dat coupon

show equilibrium between the 2 phases: 2 phases always in equilibrium. Strong acid (essentially half mole) with weak base (2:1) ratio ex: NaF and HCl (2:1) maximum buffering capacity when: *close to 1:1 ratio *weak acid and Conjugate Base in high concentration as possible Henderson-Hassle Bach is used to calculate pH of buffer Henderson-Hassle Bach equation. An endothermic reaction will have a product that is higher in energy than the reactants (because it adsorbed energy). Al and Cu * Cu and Ag *Al and Cu All the above will not be spontaneous because the reactions are reduction and Ecell is not bigger than 0, however the third one is redox but not spontaneous *Al and Ag (redox reaction and spontaneous. One piece of advice I would give to another student. Increases collision frequency and the percentage of collisions with high energy How can you increase K? Fe56 Has the highest nuclear binding energy PER nucleon periodic trend for atomic radius (neutral atom) francium (bottom left) is fattest Why do atoms on the left have a bigger atomic radius? RDS on a rxn coordinate diagram always the tallest peak how to identify a catalyst CRP catalyst is reactant first, a product second how to identify an intermediate product first, reactant second How can you increase K? Fe increase in effective nuclear charge (Z eff) means increase in _ atomic radius lone pairs don't go in _ position but in _ position because then they have greater repulsion axial, equatorial sigma bond hybridization sp-sp pi bond hybridization p-p, increase in intermolecular force. Intermediates have fully formed bonds but are always less stable than the reactants or products.

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chad's videos dat coupon

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Discussion in DAT, discussions started by jmh018.

What is one piece of advice you would give to another student preparing to take the DAT? Cations that are basic include: group 1 metals: Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs group 2 metals: Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba (except Be) *Between Fe and Fe (Fe more acidic because more positive) anions are usually basic, but there are excepetions. TS are very unstable species with partially formed and broken bonds. 1 atm considered low pressure room temperature considered high temp 1 atm how many torr? Look at the increase in my scores.". Paren -decay- daughter energy( E comes from Emc2) which is more stable daughter is more stable than parent cuz lots of energy released and lighter weight beta decay (electron/beta emission) neutron wants to convert to proton and in order for that to happen, neutron emits. In direction the favors endothermy How does adding an inert gas affect equilibrium?

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