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that appears to be fairly complete and the body looks like it has never been violated. 4 Speed Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow Condition: Current color: Red Complete frame-up restoration in 1995. Engine # 1085 retained as spare. Condition: Good Current color: Yellow Photos B 710307?R Last Updated: 11/04 Stewart McNair Canada As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/?R Date Built: 3/7/1971 Engine 821-30/? It has about 26,000 miles. It was due to be exported to Japan following the sale. Highly modified: brake, suspension, engine Photos Specifications (pdf) B 541060 Last Updated: 12/05 Siegfried Kleine New Hamburg Ontario Canada As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1060 Date Invoiced: Engine 697-04/1084 Transmission 336-?/?

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The paint (from the factory) was Blue, some where in it's early life (probably when it's chassis was changed) it was re-painted Yellow. Its a bit wider too and has had all the chromeparts removed (only the big ones ). 4 Speed Original color: L07 - Lotus Yellow Condition: Current color: Yellow Manufactured 12/69 Running good but needs some small things done. The person I got it from was stripping it out to build a racecar. Kvrndal Norway As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/2225 Date Invoiced: 9/15/1969 Engine 697-04/1914 Transmission 336-?/? B 541797 Last Updated: 11/04 USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1797 Date Invoiced: 6/6/1969 Engine 821-30/0150 Transmission 336-?/? Other than that, it was mechanically stock and original. That's where I am at this point. 4 Speed B 541532 Last Updated: 4/06 Scott Crawford Fort Worth Texas USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1532 Date Invoiced: 4/2/1969 Engine 821-30/0071 Transmission 336-?/? 4 Speed Original color: L05 - Carnival Red Condition: Current color: Red Very nice Very original and stock 54,000 miles Photos ast Updated: 1/06 Jack Zahorsky Aptos California USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0812R Date Built: 1/3/1971 Date Invoiced: 3/22/1971 Engine 821-30/1453 Transmission 336-56/? 4 Speed Original color: L09 - Royal Blue ast Updated: 4/4/09 Cliff Crosley Piscataway New Jersey USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0435R Date Built: 6/17/1970 Date Invoiced: 7/20/1970 Engine 821-30/1385 Transmission 336-56/? 4 Speed Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow Condition: Current color: Orange Good ast Updated: 2/06 Richard Woodcock Cornwall UK As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0213P Date Built: 1/3/1971 Date Invoiced: 9/15/1971 Engine 697-04/2757 Transmission 336-56/?

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